Data Entry

Having developed innovative applications and by combining cutting edge technology with manpower, we provide electronic recording services based on procedures of high standards of safety, quality and integrity. Staff participating in data entry is skilled with many years’ experience in similar projects and with the fundamental training so as to deliver substantial end results.
The software (Datum®) used, is a consistent tool, powerful in eliminating unnecessary information during the data entry process, with a user-friendly interface, high-class in several areas such as screen design, sophisticated menus, dynamic format and range updates, key controlling and navigation between existing and new records. (See More: Datum®)

Understanding that every organization has different objectives, we tailor our solutions to the specific needs of our customers, while providing automated solutions for data entry.

Data Entry Solutions can also be associated with the importation of data from standardized forms using OCR software (Optical Character Recognition). Implementation requires the identification of relevant fields to which the software should find the text, and as long as the format of each document is the same, the program can import data automatically. This method is also very effective for manuscripts. The handwriting recognition software, known as ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), is already used for many purposes such as processing handwritten bank checks or forms completed surveys. The software requires minimal human supervision, because all the steps are performed automatically, including the classification of documents and the designation of information with documents that have been already registered in the system.
The service can be provided in the form of outsourcing and it is based entirely on company’s resources (premises, computer equipment, software, human resources) OR subgroups depending on customer requirements.