No matter what category an organization falls within (large companies or small to medium enterprises SMEs), an enormous amount of time is consumed to locate updated information, to ensure document and content control, and to chase down bottlenecks in documents review.
Wherever paper-based, electronic documents and related content support business processes, the InSight® Content Management System is a critical asset in speeding up processes, lowering risk, and reducing operational costs. It is based on a friendly web-based user interface, capable to perform operations such as indexing, paper record scanning, file sharing and managing users/groups. Furthermore, the flow of documents and their relative business information can be tracked, managed and distributed through the organization.

Studies find that 35-50% of company information is not centrally indexed nor is it searchable. Other surveys put this figure at as high as 80%.

InSight DMS Basic Brochure
Efficient on locating and auditing enterprise Content, InSight® CMS system provides effective control, management and storage of large volumes of information and content, and ensures that staff can quickly and easily locate up to date and critical information across organization or company.



Common Content Repository

Easy to Import any Type of Document or Content

Easy Content Categorization using Document Classes

Content Indexing using User Defined Dynamic Metadata

Full OCR/ICR Recognition with integrated optional add on

Easy Document Search using any User Defined Index

Full Text Searching from any type of document

Administration Module for Easy System Parameterization

View industry standard documents at your web browser