Ikon® is a network or single computer scanning software for high-volume batch document capture using heavy duty scanners, or for small amounts of documents and everyday scanning. In addition it process various types of files received from different sources other than scanners such as mails and faxes. It provides a Network Setup Wizard for easy configuration that manages lists of Scan Stations, plus features for administer User Groups and permissions.

Ikon® supports a wide range of TWAIN-, ISIS- and WIA-enabled scanners and provides one common interface to the variety of scanning devices your company owns. Ikon® supports different Scanning Profiles and embraces a set of scanning, batch creation and document separation settings which can be defined for each document type or scanner model. Settings are being saved in Profiles and can be reused and updated.

The system is based on cutting-edge technology, and data related to scanned documents can be stored in all branded relational databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle, without incurring absolutely any commitment to specific provisions.

Amazing Features

Consolidating documents

Ikon® delivers automatic document separation by applying:
  • Page count
  • Barcodes or patch codes
  • Blank pages
The separation sheets can be deleted automatically. The user can append a document, delete, insert or rescan pages, change the order of pages in the document, drag and drop the selected images from one place in the document or batch to another, and more.

Large variety of output options and formats

Ikon® provides a variety of output formats, color modes and quality standards. It includes all kinds of single-page and multi-page formats.

Batches can be exported to local and ftp-folders. They can also sent for further processing to ContentPoint® Central station, or any other correction system for further processing.