Content Analytics is the ability to utilize unstructured content from different sources of the same collection, for effortless and fast retrieval of critical information. Content analytics is a comprehensive process involving three main stages:.

Process Stages


Optical Character Recognition

The first stage of the process begins with the Optical Character Recognition (OCR Optical Character Recognition) of the printed documents, which is the method of converting scanned images, into text readable by computer. The Automatic Recognition enables the reprocessing of the context and the additional analysis of the resulting data.


Analysis of data using algorithms

The next course of action is the analysis of data so as to investigate possible patterns emerging. A specific module of the software takes the digital information, which is now text in natural language, process it, and produce a structural representation of the original data. The models are interpreted using specific algorithms depending on the search criteria that will be used. Simultaneously cleansing of impractical data is also applied, so as to improve searching accessibility.


Uploading results to database

The software applies the rules and the final version that will emerge will be uploaded into the database in a structured and normalized way, taking into account paragraphs, articles, pages and everything else that is essential as metadata, while creating multiple indexes that will empower fast retrieval of critical.