Come to a decision with ease by combining Application development with Service Provisioning and Consulting, together or separately, according to your specific needs.

OVT installed to GOLDEN UNION a Content Management platform for the daily supervision of documents relating to all the core issues of a huge shipping company. The solution is an integrated document management system, and it is used for monitoring, managing and storing files and large amounts of information. It embraces all components of an ECM platform (Enterprise Content Management) and includes appropriate electronic applications for Configuration, Scanning, Recognition, Validation, Correction, Reporting and Administration.

OVT developed for CITIBANK Greece the Customer Legalization System (CLS), which is a web application that serves the electronic management and processing of legal documents of the organization, providing the services of an integrated ECM system. It is an advanced management system, that provides efficient and effective control of customer’s legal documents, easy management through it’s unique workflow functionalities, and it is capable of storing large amounts of information.

OVT has undertaken a three-year contract for the daily Digitization of the Documents issued by ELGEKA regarding the distribution of its customers’ products. The project concerns the provision of a full document digitization service, and includes the preparation, scanning, and indexing of the documents, as well as the verification of records with the organizations’ internal systems. The annual production exceeds 1,500,000 pages.

OVT developed an Integrated software platform for the Greek Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) to contact the surveys online. It is a very effective way that enables data collection, processing, validation, submission of quality reports and distribution of statistics, regarding researches that are conducted for the Production and Sales of Industrial Products (PRODCOM) The database is based on ORACLE RDBMS version 8 and the Application’s UI was build using ORACLE’s browser-based IDE Development Tool – APEX.

OVT developed for COSMOTE an Independent Credit Bureau which serves as the central point of reference for the four Mobile carriers in Greece, and provides data related to Customers, as to their creditworthiness. It is a monitoring tool that helps Mobile carriers to proceed on a solvency audit of prospective clients when applying for a new cellular connection. The platform is an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software solution that utilizes Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to integrate various systems and applications across the Mobile Network Operators.

OVT build up an integrated system for storing substantial volumes of files and portray them to it’s actual form, without having to store up the digitized documents. The system uses records from the database, and creates files by using the precise templates so as to recreate documents into it’s original structure and shape. It concerns documents with structural form such as invoices, bills, statements, checks and other similar entities.

The independent power transmission operator of Greece (ADMIE) performs auctions for various services such as the Interruptible Load and the Flexible Capacity. OVT developed an auction platform which is a web application that incorporates technologies such as MVC5 architecture, ASP.NET 4.6.2 (C#), Bootstrap 3 and Oracle database. It provides an exceptional user interface, and offers high efficiency and effective control over the bidder experience.