Through the term legalization, we denote the process of certifying legal documents, as well as finding and verifying data confirming the status of companies, as well as individual persons. Documentation involves the examination and inspection of specific papers, in order to concede approval for issuing / granting products, depending on the services offered by each organization.

The service is offered under the ASP model (Application Service Provider) and serves the electronic management and processing of legal documents of an organization through CLS platform (See More: Customer Legalization System) which is developed in-house and it is available online at accredited bodies without installation charge and with no initial cost.

The service is an extremely useful and beneficial tool mainly for banks, insurance companies, telecommunication organizations or law firms, given that significantly reduces recovery of critical information, dramatically reducing costs while ensuring quality characteristics that have to do with the additional modern functionalities offered through the application.

The platform is the core of the management system, providing efficient and effective control of legal documents. It is easily controllable and can store large amounts of information. The organization acquires quick access to sensitive information, while as a work flow system offers significant functional advantages over traditional systems and fully meets the functional and technical requirements of each customer.