On a daily basis, large organizations handle a vast amount of contracts that is related to the various services they provide. All these end-customer’s transactions create an increased load of various types of documents need to be handled and processed accordingly. The demand for an automated control of these contracts/requests is imperative and may include:



Dynamic monitor control of all contracts and their corresponding application’s appended documents, submitted from organization’s sales channels. Evaluation and Verification is performed in real-time to radically reduce the overall time taken for activating the service.



Capability of an automated processing mode for classifying the distinct applicant on any request attained by fax, email or any other source, and further match it to the specific record in the organization’s CRM or other internal system.


Return on Investment

Inheriting an advanced solution that centralizes the process of controlling requests is apparently the most beneficial investment with measurable results that produce a positive ROI in contrast to the cost spent on monotonous, inefficient and unorganized labor.

The solution is an enterprise information system for handling the complexities and challenges of back-office processing environments dealing with documents. It combines a complete automated process, with a digitization route where required, to ensure speed and acceleration of the everyday transactions. It comes with embedded recognition mechanism of data technologies such as BCR-OCR- ICR. The platform makes it possible to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and drive greater customer satisfaction throughout the enterprise


Controls & organize all requests relate to new contracts as to the integrity, and the criteria designated by the organization.

Route the requests to the corresponding status in accordance with agreed guidelines and scenarios.

Displays a detailed list of audit findings for each document and it’s included fields in every request.

For belatedly arrived documentary it constantly repeats the entire cycle of check controls, so as to link them under the distinctive application.

Routes requests to inspection, and depending on the completeness of documents, it automatically classifies them into distinct categories.

Accumulated incoming documents received from fax or e-mail servers are classified to adequate classes.